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When it comes to the most demanding technical rollers for the most diverse industrial requirements, there is no way around the Uhlenbrock Group. In addition to the development, design and production of technical rollers, each partner company specialises in manufacturing and finishing. From the first consultation, to the design, to the construction of the roller and the final inspection, all production steps of each roller are within the team. The bundled experience and further synergies from technology and service enable us to offer an optimal solution quickly and flexibly for every individual challenge.

  • Bolz Production in Gronau

    The focus of roller production at Bolz Production in Gronau is engineering and the construction of heating, cooling and gravure rollers. The team in Gronau creates galvanic surfaces, such as copper and chrome, in-house.

  • Bolz Production GmbH

  • Van Baal GmbH in Krefeld

    Van Baal GmbH in Krefeld specialises in precision and double-walled special rollers. Rolls that are manufactured here are used in the manufacture of high-quality films and sheets as well as a wide range of products in the field of extrusion coating extrusion coating, laminating and laminating. Rollers for specific production steps such as film stretching, embossing, various embossing, various annealing lines as well as steel or aluminium strip lines are also manufactured in Krefeld. Here rollers up to Ø 1250 x 8000 mm total length and a unit weight of approx. 12500 kg.

  • Josef van Baal GmbH

  • Wemotec GmbH in Kempen

    Wemotec GmbH in Kempen is a specialist for aluminium and guide rollers and needling equipment. Whether made of steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium or material combinations, rollers with a total length of up to Ø 600 x 6000 mm and a unit weight of approx. 10,000 kg are also manufactured at the Kempen site. Another area of expertise is the extensive surface finishing: rubber coatings of all kinds, hard chrome plating, chrome-nickel coatings, ceramics, VA coatings, Corona coatings, Teflon, silicone hose covers, plasma coatings, electroless and electroplated nickel, anodising and hard and hard coating in a wide variety of surface geometries are possible. A quality brand of the company are the Kuhn heating, cooling and aluminium light rollers. A special feature here is the heat-engineering applications: Stress-free annealing, quenching and tempering and surface case hardening. Another service that rounds off the range is balancing and other special roller repairs.

  • Wemotec Walzen GmbH

  • Anton Uhlenbrock GmbH in Steinfurt

    Anton Uhlenbrock GmbH in Steinfurt is a maintenance specialist for industrial companies. Through a holistic mix of project planning, maintenance, damage analysis and spare parts management, plant availability and productivity are optimised with sustainable, improvement-oriented solutions. availability and productivity are optimised with sustainable, improvement-oriented solutions. The main focus of the maintenance company is on proactive maintenance, control and compressed air technology, energy management and comprehensive spare parts management. management and comprehensive spare parts management.

  • Anton Uhlenbrock GmbH

  • Duit GmbH in Steinfurt

    Duit GmbH in Steinfurt is a young company in the IT sector whose focus is on logistics optimisation, iSeries programming and the introduction of ERP systems to optimally control and support the administration of merchandise management processes.

  • Duit GmbH

Uhlenbrock-Gruppe offers roller technology, maintenance and control technology individually tailored to specific industrial requirements. Unique in the world are the competencies in the area of individually customised engineering, roller design and special surface finishing techniques. At the maintenance level, holistic, proactive spare parts management offers flexible, optimisation-oriented action

What makes us different - Our strengths & values, your added value.

Our core values are more than just principles. They are the common ideas and convictions that unite us all and guide us. and guide us. Values that we believe in and that influence how we treat each other and work together to shape our future. We believe in a strong shared culture that allows all team members to, to feel comfortable, have equal opportunities, enjoy their jobs and grow. For this reason our culture is based on values that have grown with us over the years, that we can all identify with and form the shape of how we work together and interact with each other to empower us all and foster our unique service-oriented team spirit.

We help you.

This basic attitude connects us with each other and is the basis for our actions. We know that only as a team we can achieve the best results together with our customers. To achieve this, we pool our know-how and resources and together we create synergies for more productivity and customised, efficient solutions. Our corporate mentality, which is based on partnership, service, openness, flexibility, communication, appreciation, enjoyment of productivity and success, is our unbeatable strength. It is what really sets us apart and makes us a strong partner for our customers. and makes us a strong partner for our customers. Our values only become a factor in our success because we really feel and really feel them and put them into practice. This attitude is what makes us special. Each individual in the team and us together in the group. This is what makes our corporate mentality so unique. Because those who really provide service day after day are not just doing a job. just doing a job, they have a vocation.

We are a Team.

We deliver top performance. Our values form the foundation for our cooperation. We work hand in hand internally and externally with our partners. This is how we achieve optimisation and maximum productivity and lead companies joint success. Competence and diversity, global networking, tradition and craftsmanship are the basic building blocks of our performance and make us leaders in our markets. We create added value. Together with challenges together with our customers. We break new ground and develop innovative products and services for sustainable resource efficiency and optimised productivity.

We live common values.

We act in the overall interest of the group. We reflect on our actions and respect each other. Openness and mutual respect characterise our cooperation. We face challenges and are open to new possibilities. We acknowledge concerns, identify disagreements in a constructive way and learn from mistakes. We build on strong values: reliability and honesty, friendliness, credibility and integrity. We trust each other and rely on each other. This is an essential prerequisite for us to act flexibly and on our own responsibility, and to achieve our goals quickly. and to achieve our goals quickly. We take responsibility for our actions and for society.

We all set ourselves the highest demands and challenges.

We act in an entrepreneurial, confident, friendly, courageous and performance-oriented way - with the aim of achieving the best. The commitment, joy and ability of each individual are the basis for this. The further development of each individual is particularly important to us. Satisfaction, joy, health and safety at work have the highest priority.

Sustainability is a fundamental premise of our actions.

Responsible, considerate thinking and action are not only the basis of economic success, but also a prerequisite for the long-term healthy preservation of our planet. but also a prerequisite for the long-term healthy preservation of our planet. For this reason, environmentally and socially oriented sustainability, resource-saving production and efficiency-optimisation-oriented service are an essential element of our strategy. of our strategy.